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Do you know that your finest and dearest clothing will also be the fastest worn out? A broken zipper, a hole or a place to wear is often a reason to throw away your favorite pants, shirt, dress or sweater prematurely. To the store for something new? That’s a shame! Revive your clothes at Sewing Shop Haidari. Look further on our website for more information!
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IN a rush?

Do not panic!

If you use our self-service, the order is ready within 2 or even within 1 day! Quick service mainly covers minor activities such as tying a knot or making other minor adjustments.

For larger assignments you can always call for an appointment.

about us

Sixteen years ago the Haidari brothers opened the doors of their clothing repair and sewing workshop in Eindhoven.

Clothing repair is a family business run by the brothers Jawad and Jawid Haidari, that started full of enthusiasm this profession learning from their father since they were kids.


Dit zijn de beste kleermakers van de wereld. Gedreven, constant kwaliteit en (ver)maken van alle kleding. Ik kom er een dikke tien jaar. en stomerij aanwezig. (Translated by Google) These are the best tailors in the world. Driven, consistent quality and (re) making of all clothing. I’ve been coming there for ten years. and dry cleaning.

Joosten Roger

Great service, the brothers are very nice and will help you any way they can.

Emilio Estrelinha

Ik ben zeer tevreden over Haidiri. Hele goede service en ze leveren hoge kwaliteit in hun verstelwerk tegen zeer redelijke prijzen. Ik kan ze zeker aanbevelen. (Translated by Google) I am very satisfied with Haidiri. Very good service and they deliver high quality in their mending at very reasonable prices. I can definitely recommend them.


Top tent met top service. Niet duur en vaak al snel klaar! (Translated by Google) Top tent with top service. Not expensive and often quickly ready!

Sven Voortman

Wonderful craftsmanship. The brothers are great and take pride in their work. If you are in Eindhoven, I can assure you that these guys will take care of you. I’ve also had some extra requests that went beyond repairs, and they were able to oblige.

Billy Dotson

Zeer tevreden over het vakkundig werk, service en communicatie hier. Mijn vorige kledingmaker was verhuisd en Haidari is vanaf nu mijn vaste adres als ik wat wil vermaken of aanpassen. Je leren jas is hier in goede handen. (Translated by Google) Very satisfied with the professional work, service and communication here. My previous clothing maker had moved and Haidari is now my regular address if I want to entertain or change something. Your leather jacket is in good hands.

Pouria Khojastehpay

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