Clothing repair Haidari is known as the best, youngest and best-known tailor in Eindhoven.Already established on the Kruisstraat for 16 years with the best quality and expertise. In our sewing workshop, we receive various assignments for well-known BN players and professional football players. You can come to us for high quality clothing repair, clothing repair and adjustments. Through authentic craftsmanship with a sense of fashion and trends, 

we ensure that your repaired clothes transcend their original shape. We attach great importance to clothing whether it is about repairing, repairing, determining or adjusting your clothing. You will be professionally assisted. We receive large orders from all over the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and Germany. In addition, we receive a huge number of repairs for retailers for which we have to entertain various items of clothing, for which we offer training courses such as tailor-made suits. We have a collection service for our business partners. 

Nothing is too difficult for us whether it is about making length shorter, making sleeves shorter, making the collar narrower, taking shoulders, inserting new lining, creating new zipper for winter or summer coats, inserting new button, making pants legs narrower / wider, shoulder straps take in evening dresses, suede / leather garments, new elastic inserts, make new jackets, trousers or skirt and make and entertain curtains and net curtains. In short, the Haidari brothers revive your clothing. 

Due to our professionalism, professionalism and daily commitment, we get many customers in the workplace who want to prepare for a wedding or a business meeting. We give our customers the right advice regarding their expensive brown / evening dresses and suits. It is also possible to make a completely new jacket, trousers or evening dress with us. Why Haidari clothing repair? More than 18 years of experience. Sent to the fashion school in Eindhoven. Fair and affordable prices. Professional advice. Dry Cleaning Service.


Taking seams, making coats, pants, dresses and sleeves shorter. We can work with all fabrics, including fur and leather.


Give your clothing a better look. With an eye for fashion, we create a truly stylish, unique and customized look for your garments.


In our shop, we also work with vitrages, steams curtains and net curtains. Curtains and net curtains decorate your room in a beautiful and practical way. This is often demanded when moving house and making curtains or net curtains with a different shape. Just like making curtains and net curtains shorter, even making them longer can be arranged by us. You can contact us for all repair requests for your curtains and vitrages. Your curtains and vitrages can be also steamed, painted and made fire-resistant