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Do you know that your finest and dearest clothing will also be the fastest worn out? A broken zipper, a hole or a place to wear is often a reason to throw away your favorite pants, shirt, dress or sweater prematurely. To the store for something new? That’s a shame! Revive your clothes at Sewing Shop Haidari. Look further on our website for more information!
Kleding vermaken, pak op maat maken

Tailor shop

Through authentic craftsmanship with a sense of fashion and trends, we ensure that your repaired clothes surpass their original shape. We work professionally, quickly and offer a price-conscious alternative to buying new clothing.


We replace zippers, lining, elastic and buttons and wear spots etc.


Give your clothing more appearance. With an eye for fashion, we create a truly stylish, unique and personal look for you.

dry cleaning

Our dry cleaner puts your clothing in the trusted hands of a specialized dry cleaner. This assesses how your clothes can best be cleaned. Each substance has special properties and some stains require special treatment.

IN a rush?

Do not panic!

If you use our self-service, the order is ready within 2 or even within 1 day! Quick service mainly covers minor activities such as tying a knot or making other minor adjustments.


For larger assignments you can always call for an appointment.

about us

Sixteen years ago the Haidari brothers opened the doors of their clothing repair and sewing workshop in Eindhoven.

Clothing repair is a family business run by the brothers Jawad and Jawid Haidari, that started full of enthusiasm this profession learning from their father since they were kids.


A great place with super lovely staff. Have brought a few clothes for small and major fixes and they were done perfectly and on time!
Had an evening dress that I had almost lost hope to fit in it again and they managed to tailor it exactly to my size!

  • Lilith Fi

laundry of my formal/business clothes and also for small repairs/alterations of my regular clothes.
The service is very prompt and the manner in which both the bothers deal with their clients is courteous. Also, the price is fair.

I would recommend Haidari for anyone in Eindhoven who wants get their clothes repaired, altered or dry cleaned.

Keep doing the good work guys !

  • Mandar Keny

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